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"Dear You" We are gathered here today...

I would like to share with you a piece I wrote on my favorite band and the record that proved, Indie purists are the largest assholes in music today.

Dear You" was a requiem for a band falling out, falling apart. The album was described as "The sound of two hearts breaking miles apart." And i believe this is an apt statement. The indie purists who lashed out against "Dear You" failed to realize, they were at the funeral calling the deceased a has-been. As I spin "Dear You" I think about how tragically human Jawbreaker truly was. The prior three albums put them in a light that couldnt be matched, and the beauty of their music was emense. And then "Dear You" adds the dark finishing touches. On the orignal "Dear You" with 13 tracks, the last two tracks end almost with a bitter sweetness in my mind. "Basilica" and "Unlisted Track" contrast and produce a nostalgia for fans. And it leaves a void in the listener, a wanting for something long gone away. Though I was not old enough to appretiate Jawbreaker when they were together, "Dear You" was the last CD I got by Jawbreaker, and even I cant help but feel guilty. All the negative feedback and heckling, and no one noticed that these three artists were leaving. "Dear You" was articulate, and though, in my opinion, not their best album, it was the most unappretiated at the time, and the saddest. They didnt break up because of the hecklers, but the did leave with that being their last impact. And when they were gone, how many of the hecklers looked at their Jawbreaker albums, and read the lyrics to Dear You, and wonder to themselves "What the hell have we done?"
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