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Circumnavigate this body

I don't know why, but it seems that everytime I look at my car, there is some brand fucking new dent on it. The ones on the door are obviously there from assholes you think you have to park on the line and open their door as fast as they can. Then there was one on the hood of my car from my friend flipping off of it. And then there's one above the rear window (its a hatchback) and I just looked at it completely flabergasted. How the hell does one get a goddamn dent up there? I assume I may have made an enemy, and you know they can go play hide and go fuck yourself. But this brings me to my actuall point to this entry. The SUV.

Everyone has the same complaints. They roll over, they use to much gas, blah blah blah. My complaint is that these shitmobiles put dents on a whole new level, literally. When your average car dings your door its down at waist level. When an SUV smashes your door its at chest height. On the Infinity we own, there's a dent right above the left hand tail light. Above the light. This cause by someone being too lazy to pull into a spot, stopping behind the infinity and the passenger door opening to let little Jenny off at soccer practice. Oops, that'll come right out. Assholes. I'm waiting for the day when someone opens their Navigator's door and shatter a sedan's window. Maybe then something will be done. Cause the loss of human life or depletion of the ozone never inspires us to make change, its when someone fucks with our stuff that we care.

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