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There's probably a damn good reason [22 Aug 2005|02:16pm]

My High School is broke. Let me explain my logic.

Before each year we get a list of our early dismissals and days off. This year I was scanning through the paper when I began to notice that Wednesdays were quite popular. So I check the calendar with the sheet, and lo and behold: Every other wednesday is a half day. Now the district (as everyone in this area) is the California of the area. That is, broke as a dutchman straight off the ship.

So my best theory is that, in an effort to conserve energy, at 1:00 every other wednesday the power is shut off. You know, its either that or the faculty has a zamobny grand prix.

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Circumnavigate this body [15 Aug 2005|08:45pm]

I don't know why, but it seems that everytime I look at my car, there is some brand fucking new dent on it. The ones on the door are obviously there from assholes you think you have to park on the line and open their door as fast as they can. Then there was one on the hood of my car from my friend flipping off of it. And then there's one above the rear window (its a hatchback) and I just looked at it completely flabergasted. How the hell does one get a goddamn dent up there? I assume I may have made an enemy, and you know they can go play hide and go fuck yourself. But this brings me to my actuall point to this entry. The SUV.

Everyone has the same complaints. They roll over, they use to much gas, blah blah blah. My complaint is that these shitmobiles put dents on a whole new level, literally. When your average car dings your door its down at waist level. When an SUV smashes your door its at chest height. On the Infinity we own, there's a dent right above the left hand tail light. Above the light. This cause by someone being too lazy to pull into a spot, stopping behind the infinity and the passenger door opening to let little Jenny off at soccer practice. Oops, that'll come right out. Assholes. I'm waiting for the day when someone opens their Navigator's door and shatter a sedan's window. Maybe then something will be done. Cause the loss of human life or depletion of the ozone never inspires us to make change, its when someone fucks with our stuff that we care.

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Somewhere, probably pass out. [14 Aug 2005|11:44am]

Politics make me chuckle. The only thing that would make politics any better would be to give them all an assload of beer. Just imagine what the senate would be like, 100 drunk men getting angry over welfare and wether homosexuality constitutes the removal of undeniable rights (it doesnt).

Lets get one thing out of the way right now, I'm a liberalist. Not necessarily a democrat, just a bleeding heart liberal. I enjoy rights, freedom of speech, and the daily show. But don't think for a second that I am an ill informed liberal because I like to watch John Stewart make fun of the same political figure heads I so routinely mock. I live in a Republican household, I enjoy actually U.S history, and watch a variety of politcal news programs (FOX news is trash).

So what's my beef with the established way of governing a population so rapidly growing that we threaten to consume the resources of the planet?

1)People bitch that their jobs are going over seas: Well no shit. When labor unions demand high wages but always cut back on the hourly work that the average worker puts in, it leaves the corporations with a dilema. There is a solution however. The can assure teh complition of the work if they send it to a country that does not have the same strict policies of labor. If you want the jobs to stay in the country maybe you should increase the competiveness of our workers and realize we can't have everything we want.

P.S the country we're sending all our work to, China. Yeah their economy is fucking booming right now.

2)Our president has far more power than any president before him. Montigue, a political idealist, had cleveraly noted that a government should divide the power among all those holding office to prevent one group from holding it all. Our president manages to screw the senate out of the power to declare war with the War Powers Act. He pushes for legislation that suspends the fourth ammendment (no illegal searches or seizures) for the purpose of monitoring terrorism. In the process they begin to abuse the power by searching any one suspected of illegal activity when the would normally need a search warrant. And what about someone who accidentally goes to a questionable site? Do they get branded as a criminal and have CIA and FBI scanning their E-mails? Since the presidential grab for power he has managed to alienate his constituants and form a strong distrust to his entire administration.\

3)Gay people deserve to be married. Or should we just go ahead and select groups and strip them of their rights because the party in power is blurring the line between religion and politcal agendas?

I leave you with a quote I found by my hero

"We may take comfort in the notion that the Bush dynasty will be justly sorted for its thuggish brand of god/police/puritanism in some golden tomorrow, but the reduction of life, rights and radical imagination is happening right now on the street, in the home, and across the globe. There has never been a better time to be artistically angry and full of love, if one can walk that uneasy line. "
Blake Schwarzenbach

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"Dear You" We are gathered here today... [11 Aug 2005|11:28pm]

I would like to share with you a piece I wrote on my favorite band and the record that proved, Indie purists are the largest assholes in music today.

Dear You" was a requiem for a band falling out, falling apart. The album was described as "The sound of two hearts breaking miles apart." And i believe this is an apt statement. The indie purists who lashed out against "Dear You" failed to realize, they were at the funeral calling the deceased a has-been. As I spin "Dear You" I think about how tragically human Jawbreaker truly was. The prior three albums put them in a light that couldnt be matched, and the beauty of their music was emense. And then "Dear You" adds the dark finishing touches. On the orignal "Dear You" with 13 tracks, the last two tracks end almost with a bitter sweetness in my mind. "Basilica" and "Unlisted Track" contrast and produce a nostalgia for fans. And it leaves a void in the listener, a wanting for something long gone away. Though I was not old enough to appretiate Jawbreaker when they were together, "Dear You" was the last CD I got by Jawbreaker, and even I cant help but feel guilty. All the negative feedback and heckling, and no one noticed that these three artists were leaving. "Dear You" was articulate, and though, in my opinion, not their best album, it was the most unappretiated at the time, and the saddest. They didnt break up because of the hecklers, but the did leave with that being their last impact. And when they were gone, how many of the hecklers looked at their Jawbreaker albums, and read the lyrics to Dear You, and wonder to themselves "What the hell have we done?"
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